Treasure chestLike other Illinois counties, school district and municipalities, Madison County has a working cash fund for rainy days. The last yearly financial report showed $5.8 million in work cash and more than $20 million in unrestricted funds.

Unrestricted funds are those that can be spent on virtually anything. Why the need for both treasurer chests of taxpayer funds?

I urge the public to send a message to the Democrat Madison County Board that it is time to stop the spending, use our working cash fund for rainy days, and return the county’s excess funds back to taxpayers where it belongs.

It is also important to note that the county investment portfolio has grown from $108million in 2011 to over $148million today! At that rate the county will have $200million by 2018.

The taxpayer deserves a county government that will not horde unneeded taxes and fees it has collected.

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