Alton Telegraph


Chairman Alan Dunstan, Member Brenda Roosevelt, and State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons are adding controversial and radical phrase “transgender status” to the Madison County Employment Handbook.

This move is unneeded since the handbook prevents discrimination against “sexual orientation” which the Illinois Human Rights Act defines sexual orientation to include “Gender Related Identities”. State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons admits to the county board this is policy issomething he has never read or reviewed, but urges the county board to vote for it. He is urging a radical policy he has not read!

He is the attorney for the county. Chairman Alan Dunstan admits later in the Alton Telegraph he has not read the policy and that is what committees are for. This is laughable. It is Madison County politics at its best. The proposed changes were not given to any county board member before the vote. They were hidden in the County Clerk’s office.

In this clip Tom Gibbons admits he has not read the policy, but urges people to support it. He misleads the county board and says the new policy is identical to the state law. Not true! The Illinois Human Rights Act never once mentions “Transgender Status”, a unique word only Tom Gibbons and Alan Dustan believe needs added to the Madison County Employment Handbook. These two radical politicians and there radical “transgender” agenda do not represent the views of the normal family oriented citizens of Madison County.

No one believes in discrimination, but Tom Gobbons should do his job and review important county policy before urging the county board to vote for this. His actions prove the political nature that this policy. It was never based in substance.

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