With $22million in unrestricted funds, and a capital projects fund stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey with $11million, Madison County is stuffed with money. So much so that Alan Dunstan needs a pork barrel project like the Jail to spend $9.3million of it.

There is a better use for Madison County’s surplus, and it is in the pockets of the Madison County taxpayers.



One thought on “Madison County Has Too Much Money. Needs to Lower Levy.

  1. By Illinois law if the tax money isn’t used and an Illinois county retains too great a surplus the levy should be reduced.

    With so much money on hand one wonders why the County Chairman, Alan Dunstan originally asked for approximately 19 million dollars in bonds for jail improvements that would not have added any bed space. Irate citizens gathered signatures and forced a referendum in which voters solidly rejected Dunstan’s jail initiative.


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