Madison County Chairman Alan Dunstan has a second well paying job. He is also paid well as the Jarvis Township Supervisor. As the head of Jarvis Township he sets the appropriate property tax levy that helps fund the Jarvis Township Senior Center, much like in Edwardsville, Alton, Collinsville…etc. He has the unique ability to keep it open. This last week it was announced in the Troy Times Tribune that the Jarvis Township Senior Center will be closing.

This is the second time Alan Dunstan has gone against the wishes of seniors and closed a important facility to those seniors in need. In 2008, Alan Dustan went against the wishes of the people of Madison County who voted to keep the Madison County Shelter Care open and closed it.

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Alan Dunstan believed the money used for needy seniors at the Madison County Shelter Care would be best used to fix the levies.

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Either way Alan Dunstan has made it clear that seniors don’t matter. In fact, if there is one thing a township should do in Illinois is it should give General Assistance to the needy and help struggling seniors. With baby boomers soon retiring, seniors will need more facilities in communities to interact, not less.

Front-Times-July 30


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