It is no surprise the Madison County Democrats and Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons wants to sweep another scandal under the Madison County rug of corruption. This case involves nearly $500,000 in commissions generated in the 10months Frank Miles was Madison County Treasurer and buying bonds outside the county investment policy. The bonds trading activity during this period looks like it was nearly to generate commissions and the commissions were up to 15times higher than normal.

Do the right thing and investigate, Kurt Prenzler took this case to FINRA and won a $340,000 settlement. They don’t give that kind of money away for nothing,



One thought on “Retired Illinois Auditor Calls Investigation of Frank Miles’s Investments as Treasurer

  1. Given public documents from Mr. Miles tenure in offices some might think he engaged in inappropriate bond transactions. Given the gravity of the call for an investigation one would Mr. Miles would demand one to show if his behavior was above reproach.


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