For the second time in a year, Madison County Board Member Kelly Tracy called for an investigation on Treasurer Kurt Prenzler. Again with no proof, just a rabble of union ‘goons’ to witnessing the demonstration.

The onlookers could be called ‘goons’ because they are inciting people through taunts and name calling.

In the last press conference before the 2014 election, Kelly Tracy called for an investigation on Prenzler with Tom Gibbons and Mark Von Nida. This time the lineup had changed and she went with the politically vulnerable Democratic county board members Jack Minner and Brenda Roosevelt, both of whom are up for election in 2016.

Democratic board member Bruce Malone was smartly hiding in the crowd.

AFSCME was in full force and full regalia at the spectacle. One would have only wondered if they were there for Bruce Rauner, not a county Treasurer. It looks like AFSCME considers Prenzler a real threat.

When asked, a journalist for a labor magazine said he was here for a protest protest, but knew nothing of Kurt Prenzler. It did not seem like the group’s heart was totally in it.

Sadly, this event was staged poorly. Better acting could have been expected from the troupe, and the script should have been better written.

After the press conference, the rabble, dressed in blaze orange, marched down to The Wildey where Kurt Prenzler would be having a fundraiser that evening. The rabble marched for a few minutes, and frankly, it was a sorry sight.

Even Jack Daugherty looked uncomfortable being there as seen on the video at the “Shameonyoukurt” Facebook page.

This display of “old timey” Democrat tactics reminds me of the way Fred Bathon operated. This method of loud mouth intimidation and political “story-teling” should be called the “Bathon Method”, and sadly Kelly Tracy is not very good at it.

Too bad it looks like there will not be a next time for her. It is widely believed she will not be re-elected in 2016.

I don’t think the Republican majority district she represents will approve of her behavior.




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