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This is Madison County Treasurer Fred Bathon in the 2004 tax sale along with county employees giving a speech before the tax buyers. This tax sale was the only tax sale that was investigated by State’s Attorney William Mudge and even though they found no trailing bids, many tax buyer complaints, a failure to follow Illinois Law, and substantial donations to Fred Bathon by tax buyers, the tax sale and it’s criminal construction was “green lighted” by William Mudge.

In 2010, Mudge would say he investigated the tax sale and found “No Problems”. It takes approximately 1 min of this video to see there is a problem. Bathon admits that they just pass around the penalty interest rate bids to tax buyers they choose. Remember, this is the only surviving video from the Fred Bathon tax sales. The rest were illegally destroyed in a massive county coverup. Elected Officials and county employees saw and knew Bathon’s tax sales were illegal. Please share this video so the truth will be known.

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