Madison County Chairman Alan Dunstan appointee and port board member Andrew Economy is now in hot water at the Central America’s Port Board as it looks like the port did business with his Auto-body shop as well as the Metro East Sanitary District where we is board president.


Economy is the top individual political contributor to Dunstan and his 2016 opponent Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler has asked Dunstan to return $25,000 (now $29,000) in contributions as these payments are “tainted”.

Treasurer Prenzler said, “Fred Bathon used ‘tainted’ tax buyer money to run against me in 2006 and Frank Miles did the same in 2010. Now Dunstan repeating history and accepting “tainted’ money from an appointee that has financially benefited from the positions Dunstan has appointed him too. These donations pose serious ethical questions”

People are wondering is Economy’s donations to Dunstan equate to a quid pro quo. The right thing for Dunstan to do is give the money back.

This does not look like the end of his troubles as other unpublished news has surfaced. Stay tuned.



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