Voters in Edwardsville/Glen Carbon have until Dec 11th to gather 3396 signatures to put this issue on the ballot or taxes will go up in the Edwardsville/GlenCarbon/Hamel/Worden school district.

A 200k house would see a tax increase of $70 a month for 10 years. These bonds are for just 2 years of spending, but paid over ten years.

Funding schools via funding bonds is a bad idea given .90 of every $1 gets to the kids. If the school district needs more money, they need to raise the levy. Then $1 of every $1 goes to the kids.

This funding bond means $1million of your tax dollars will go to pay interest and bond issuance fees. This is not how we are supposed to fund schools in Illinois. It is a waste.

Two years ago the ECUSD#7 issued a funding bond. This is a pattern of poor management, that is being done to avoid voter approval.



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