Madison County officials and the Veterans Assistance Commission remain at a stalemate months after the last round of court actions over VAC superintendent Brad Lavite, and they may be headed back to court…(click BND link below)

Opinion of MadisonTaxpayer

County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan has barred Brad Lavite from serving his state position of VAC superintendent. Brad Lavite is combat veteran that has served his county proudly.

Like many veterans the VAC is trying to help, Lavite has come home with PTSD and other trauma that he is receiving treatment for. Dunstan should be ashamed at the treatment of Lavite.

Many suspect Dunstan’s treatment of Lavite is political. The Madison Taxpayer hopes that Lavite will be given access to his office at the Madison County VAC and this waste of taxpayer resources by Dunstan will end.


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