Collinsville Councilwoman Cheryl Brombilich and Mayor John Miller are under an intense cloud of suspicion and public anger stemming from an allegation of public coruption between them from taxpayers.

Last year Brombilich was chief operations officer and city clerk when she was allegedly forced to resign due to an alledged misappropriation of funds.

Mayor Miller at the same time admitted to recieving free public resouces at his request to his home from city contractor.

Allegations include that Miller helped to cover up the misappropriation of funds by Brombilich by firing City Manager Scott Williams who investigated the allegations of missapropriation of funds.

Previous allegations against Brombilich exist with a previous investigation into missapropriation of funds in a Collinsville school booster club. Documents are attached below.

Brombilich was also alledgedly involved with an investigation into the selling a large amount of canabis. Documents are below.

Brombilich’s father-in-law was the former mayor of Collinsville.

The BND requested the documents into the recent allegations betwen Brombilich and Miller and were denied by the city.

The BND went to circuit court and won, forcing the city to release the documents in ten days, excluding an appeal.

Taxpayers are encouraged to FOIA the documents requested by the BND and to attend all public city meetings.

More details are to follow.




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