COLLINSVILLE – Tonight a packed meeting filled with citizens saw CARD reject issuing $4.75Million in new debt.

The CARD district office had only A few open seats to listen to a discussion about the issuance of general obligation refunding park bonds, also known as alternative revenue bonds.

Collinsville resident Rob Dorman said that the meeting was very volatile and in the end the taxing district made the right choice.

“Its great when people show up to local meetings and have thier voice heard,” Dorman said. “Tonight the taxpayers of CARD were the winners. The last thing this taxing district needs is more debt.”

CARD has been in the news recently as an effort was made by local leaders to disolve CARD and give the pieces back to the participating municipalities.

Governor Rauner has made a point to emphasive that Illinois has too many taxing districts. Illinois has the most taxing districts of any state with around 7,000.

In other taxing news, Belleville Township tonight voted to officially disolve, so long as the city of Belleville will take over some Township functions.
Belleville Township will officially dissolve in May of 2017.

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