COLLINSVILLE – Residents from Collinsville are threatening to petition the Mayor and City Council to vote against a upcoming utility tax hike and are asking residents help to get signatures to show their outrage.

Residents have been speaking up at board meeting about the large utility tax increase as well as other issues, such as charges of government corruption and a legal fight over a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by a local newspaper.

The controversy started around a resignation of councilwoman Cheryl Brombolich from her position as city clerk and operations manager in 2014.

Allegations have been made about a mishandling of public money and requests from information by the public have been denied by the mayor’s office.

Public accusations include a cover-up by city officials and the firing of the former Collinsville City Manager and Police Chief Scott Williams who would not turn a blind eye to the alleged misconduct.

Subsequently in the controversy the Mayor of Collinsville John Miller admitted to receiving three truck loads of dirt at his Collinsville home from a city contractor.

Since then the city was sued in Circuit Court by the newspaper and it appears the city will have to give up the documents in question, pending any appeals.

Local grassroots leaders are asking Collinsville residents to sign this petition and bring it to the upcoming Collinsville City Council meeting this 7:30pm Monday, January 25 at 125 S. Center Street Collinsville, IL.

The petition is linked to a .pdf here.


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