Slusser wore wire to record Hulme and Prenzler

Slusser was a former “Meter Maid” at SIUE and former SIUE Police Officer for a short time.

EDWARDSVILLE – Madison County treasurer Chris Slusser testified against county administrator Doug Hulme before a grand jury and wore a wire in conversation with Hulme in 2018, according to police affidavits previously under seal. 

Slusser, as well as Hulme’s employer, county board chairman Kurt Prenzler, belong to the Republican Party. 

The affidavits, unsealed on Monday, led to seizure of computers in county administration offices, but nothing in the computers led to filing of charges. 

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul, acting as special prosecutor, closed the investigation last November. 

His decision upset investigators, according to an affidavit Granite City detective Jeff Donahey signed this February. 

He wrote that Raoul’s office met with investigators regarding their assessment of the case on Nov. 12, in Belleville.

“They indicated that the case did not meet their burden for charging but stated outside sources for another opinion could be evaluated,” Donahey wrote. “We asked them to elaborate or provide an explanation as to why charges were not sought for what appeared to be evident and the only explanation they provided was, it didn’t meet their burden.”

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